Trotsky’s Military Writings Volume 3

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Published 1924


Leon Trotsky Armored Train 1920.jpg
Texts written in 1920.
First Published: 1924 as Book Two of Volume II of Kak Vooruzhala Revolyutsiya, by the Supreme Council for Military Publications, Moscow.
Source: Materials and Documents on the History of the Red Army, The Military Writings and Speeches of Leon Trotsky: How the Revolution Armed, Volume III: The Year 1920, New Park Publications, London.
Translated (and edited) and Annotated: Brian Pearce.
Original Footnotes (Endnotes): The original explanatory footnotes and other appendices were compiled by S.I. Ventsov. All contemporary references by the translator, Brian Pearce. All footnotes and endotes are combined herein. Notes by Leon Trotsky are indicated thusly: “– L.T.”)

How the Revolution Armed

The year 1920

The General Situation at the Beginning of 1920

The Labour Armies

The War with Poland

The Southern Front and the Fight Against Wrangel

On Various Subjects (Articles, Notes, Orders, Appeals)

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