The Eastern Question (Marx)

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Published 1897

A reprint of Karl Marx letters written 1853-1856 dealing with the events of the Crimean War. Published in 1897 by Edward Aveling and Eleanor Marx
 Texts published in The Eastern Question (Marx)AuthorDate
The London Press. Policy of Napoleon on the Turkish QuestionKarl MarxMar 1853
Mazzini. Switzerland and Austria. The Turkish Question.Karl MarxMay 1853
The Russian Humbug. Gladstone's Failure. Sir Charles Wood's East Indian Reforms.Karl MarxJun 1853
English Prosperity. Strikes. The Turkish Question. India.Karl MarxJun 1853
Turkey and Russia. Connivance of the Aberdeen Ministry with Russia. The Budget. Tax on Newspaper Supplements. Parliamentary CorruptionKarl MarxJun 1853
The Turkish War Question. The New-York Tribune in The House of Commons. The Government of IndiaKarl MarxJul 1853
The Russo-Turkish Difficulty. Ducking and Dodging of The British Cabinet. Nesselrode's Last Note. The East India Question.Karl MarxJul 1853
War in Burma. The Russian Question. Curious Diplomatic Correspondence.Karl MarxJul 1853
The War Question. Doings of Parliament. India.Karl MarxJul 1853
Financial Failure of Government. Cabs. Ireland. The Russian QuestionKarl MarxJul 1853
In The House of Commons. The Press on the Eastern Question. The Czar's Manifesto. Denmark.Karl MarxAug 1853
Advertisement Duty. Russian Movements. Denmark. The United States in Europe.Karl MarxAug 1853
The Vienna Note. The United States and Europe. Letters from Shumla. Peel's Bank ActKarl MarxSep 1853
The Western Powers and Turkey. Symptoms of Economic Crisis.Karl MarxSep 1853
The Turkish Manifesto. France's Economic PositionKarl MarxOct 1853
Arrest of Delescluze. Denmark. Austria. The Times on the Prospects of War Against Russia.Karl MarxOct 1853
The Holy War (Engels)Friedrich EngelsOct 1853
The War on the Danube (December 1853)Friedrich EngelsDec 1853
The Quadruple Convention. England and The War.Karl MarxDec 1853
The Russian Victory. Position of England and France.Karl MarxDec 1853
Palmerston's ResignationKarl MarxDec 1853
The Western Powers and Turkey (January 10, 1854)Karl MarxJan 1854
The Fighting in the East. Finances of Austria and France. Fortification of Constantinople.Karl MarxJan 1854
The Czar's Views. Prince Albert.Karl MarxJan 1854
Russian Diplomacy. The Blue Book on the Eastern Question. Montenegro.Karl MarxFeb 1854
Declaration of the Prussian Cabinet. Napoleon's Plans. Prussia's PolicyKarl MarxFeb 1854
Debates in Parliament (February 21, 1854)Karl MarxFeb 1854
Parliamentary Debates of February 22. Pozzo di Borgo's Dispatch. The Policy of the Western Powers.Karl MarxFeb 1854
English and French War Plans. Greek Insurrection. Spain. China.Karl MarxMar 1854
Retreat of the Russians from KalafatFriedrich EngelsMar 1854
The Documents on the Partition of TurkeyKarl MarxMar 1854
The Secret Diplomatic Correspondence (1854)Karl MarxMar 1854
The Greek Insurrection. The Polish Emigration. The Austro-Prussian Treaty. Russian DocumentsKarl MarxApr 1854
Reshid Pasha's Note. An Italian Newspaper on the Eastern QuestionKarl MarxApr 1854
The Bombardment of Odessa. Greece. Proclamation of Prince Daniel of Montenegro. Manteuffel's SpeechKarl MarxMay 1854
The War (May 1854)Friedrich EngelsMay 1854
Reorganisation of The British War Administration. The Austrian Summons. Britain's Economic Situation. St. ArnaudKarl MarxJun 1854
The War. Debate in Parliament (June 1854)Karl MarxJun 1854
The Insurrection at Madrid. The Austro-Turkish Treaty. Moldavia and WallachiaKarl MarxJul 1854
The War on the Danube (July 1854)Friedrich EngelsJul 1854
The Details of The Insurrection at Madrid. The Austro-Prussian Summons. The New Austrian Loan. WallachiaKarl MarxJul 1854
A congress at Vienna. The Austrian Loan. Proclamations of Dulce and O'Donnell. The Ministerial Crisis in BritainKarl MarxJul 1854
The War Debates in Parliament (July 1854)Karl MarxJul 1854
The Policy of Austria. The War Debates in The House of CommonsKarl MarxJul 1854
The Eastern Question. The Revolution in Spain. The Madrid PressKarl MarxAug 1854
That Bore of a WarKarl MarxAug 1854
Evacuation of The Danubian Principalities. The Events in Spain. A New Danish Constitution. The ChartistsKarl MarxAug 1854
Evacuation of Moldavia and Wallachia. Poland. Demands of The Spanish PeopleKarl MarxAug 1854
Revolution in Spain. BomarsundKarl MarxAug 1854
The Attack on SevastopolFriedrich EngelsSep 1854
The Siege of Sevastopol (1854)Friedrich EngelsOct 1854
Progress of The War (December 1854)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jan 1855
British Disaster in The CrimeaFriedrich EngelsJan 1855
Napoleon's Last DodgeFriedrich EngelsMar 1855
Prospect in France and England (1855)Karl MarxApr 1855
The European Struggle (1855)Friedrich EngelsApr 1855
The Late Birmingham Conference (July 1855)Karl MarxJul 1855
Austria and the War (1855)Karl MarxAug 1855
Another British Revelation (1855)Karl MarxSep 1855
The Great Event of the War (September 1855)Friedrich EngelsSep 1855
Aspects of the War (October 1855)Friedrich EngelsOct 1855
Traditional English Policy (1855)Karl MarxDec 1855
The Fall of Kars (March-April 1856)Karl MarxMar 1856