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Date of beginning January 1842
Date of end April 1843


Keywords: Germany, Newspaper
The Rheinische Zeitung für Politik, Handel und Gewerbe was a newspaper founded by the oppositional Rhenish bourgeoisie as a liberal organ. Marx began his work as a contributor in May 1842 and in October 1842 became one of the editors of the newspaper, making it evolve towards revolutionary-democratic positions. It was terminated by Prussian state censorship in March 1843. The paper was eventually succeeded by a daily newspaper launched by Karl Marx on behalf of the Communist League in June 1848, called the Neue Rheinische Zeitung ("New Rhenish Newspaper").
 Texts published in Rheinische ZeitungAuthorDate
North -and South- German LiberalismFriedrich EngelsMar 1842
Marginalia to Texts of our TimeFriedrich EngelsApr 1842
The Philosophical Manifesto of the Historical School of LawKarl MarxApr 1842
Polemic Against LeoFriedrich EngelsMay 1842
Diary of a Guest StudentFriedrich EngelsMay 1842
Prussian CensorshipKarl MarxMay 1842
Rhenish FestivalsFriedrich EngelsMay 1842
Opponents of a Free PressKarl MarxMay 1842
On the Assembly of the EstatesKarl MarxMay 1842
As a privilege of particular individuals or a privilege of the human mind?Karl MarxMay 1842
Censorship (Rheinische Zeitung, No. 135)Karl MarxMay 1842
The Question of CentralisationKarl MarxMay 1842
Freedom in GeneralKarl MarxMay 1842
On the Critique of the Prussian Press LawsFriedrich EngelsJun 1842
Participation in the Debates of the Baden Chamber of DeputiesFriedrich EngelsJun 1842
The Liberalism of the Spenersche ZeitungFriedrich EngelsJun 1842
The End of the Criminalistische ZeitungFriedrich EngelsJun 1842
The Leading Article in No. 179 of the Kölnische ZeitungKarl MarxJun 1842
Berlin MiscellanyFriedrich EngelsAug 1842
F. W. Andreä and the High Nobility of GermanyFriedrich EngelsAug 1842
Centralisation and FreedomFriedrich EngelsSep 1842
Debates on the Law on Thefts of WoodKarl MarxOct 1842
Communism and the Augsburg Allgemeine ZeitungKarl MarxOct 1842
Communism and the Augsburg Allgemeine Zeitung Editorial NoteKarl MarxOct 1842
Communal Reform and the Kölnische ZeitungKarl MarxNov 1842
Cabinet Order on the Daily PressKarl MarxNov 1842
The Industrialists of Hanover and Protective TariffsKarl MarxNov 1842
The Divorce Bill — Editorial NoteKarl MarxNov 1842
The Attitude of Herwegh and Ruge to “The Free”Karl MarxNov 1842
In Connection with the article "Failures of the Liberal Opposition in Hanover"Karl MarxNov 1842
A Correspondent of The Kölnische Zeitung vs. The Rheinische ZeitungKarl MarxNov 1842
The Polemical Tactics of the Augsburg NewspaperKarl MarxNov 1842
The English View of the Internal CrisesFriedrich EngelsNov 1842
The Internal CrisesFriedrich EngelsNov 1842
The Supplement to Nos. 335 and 336 of The Augsburg Allgemeine Zeitung on the Commissions of the Estates in PrussiaKarl MarxDec 1842
The Divorce BillKarl MarxDec 1842
The Position of the Political PartiesFriedrich EngelsDec 1842
The Condition of the Working Class in England (1842)Friedrich EngelsDec 1842
The Corn LawsFriedrich EngelsDec 1842
The Ban on the Leipziger Allgemeine ZeitungKarl MarxDec 1842
Polemical Articles Against The Allgemeine ZeitungKarl MarxJan 1843
Justification of the Correspondent from the MoselKarl MarxJan 1843
Announcement by the Editors of the Rheinische Zeitung of their Reply to Oberpräsident Von SchaperKarl MarxJan 1843
The Local Election of Deputies to the Provincial AssemblyKarl MarxMar 1843
The Rhein- und Mosel-Zeitung As Grand InquisitorKarl MarxMar 1843
Stylistic Exercises of the Rhein- und Mosel-ZeitungKarl MarxMar 1843
Announcement of the Rheinische ZeitungKarl MarxMar 1843
Letter to Moses Hess, July 29, 1846Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jul 1846

 Texts mentioning Rheinische ZeitungAuthorDate
Cologne Citizens' Petition for the Continuance of the Rheinische ZeitungUnknownFeb 1843
Humble Petition from the Shareholders of the Rheinische Zeitung Company for the Continuance of the Rheinische ZeitungUnknownFeb 1843

See also in MECW, 1975 :

  • Cologne Citizens' Petition for the Continuance of the Rheinische Zeitung
  • Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Rheinische Zeitung. February 12, 1843
  • Humble Petition from the Shareholders of the Rheinische Zeitung Company for the Continuance of the Rheinische Zeitung