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 Texts published in ProsveshcheniyeAuthorDate
Fundamental Problems of the Election CampaignLenin1911
First Exposure of Cadet Negotiations with the CabinetLenin1911
Three QuestionsLenin1911
Against Unity—With the LiquidatorsLenin1912
A Questionnaire on the Organisations of Big CapitalLenin1912
Debates in Britain on Liberal Labour PolicyLenin1912
Results of the Elections (1913)Lenin1913
What Goes On Among the Narodniks and What Goes On in the CountrysideLenin1913
An Increasing DiscrepancyLenin1913
The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of MarxismLenin1913
Vekhi Contributors and Nationalism (Bibliographical Note)Lenin1913
Liberal and Marxist Conceptions of the Class StruggleLenin1913
How Vera Zasulich Demolishes LiquidationismLenin1913
Critical Remarks on the National QuestionLenin1913
The Purpose of Zemstvo StatisticsLenin1914
Book Review: Labour Protection ExhibitsLenin1914
Editorial Comment on Veteran’s Article: “The National Question and the Lettish Proletariat”Lenin1914
The Right of Nations to Self-DeterminationLenin1914
A Radical Bourgeois on the Russian WorkersLenin1914
Political Lessons (1914)Lenin1914
What Should Not Be Copied from the German Labour MovementLenin1914
Book Review: N. A. Rubakin, Among Books, Vol. II. Nauka Publishers, Moscow, 1913Lenin1914
Disruption of Unity Under Cover of Outcries for UnityLenin1914
Review. I. M. Kozminykh-Lanin. Overtime at Factories and Plants in Moscow GuberniaLenin1914
Book Review: I. Drozdov, The Wages of Farm LabourersLenin1914
A Fool’s Haste Is No SpeedLenin1914
The Vperyodists and the Vperyod GroupLenin1914
The Bourgeois Intelligentsia’s Methods of Struggle Against the WorkersLenin1914
Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?Lenin1917
Revision of the Party ProgrammeLenin1917

 Texts mentioning ProsveshcheniyeAuthorDate
Letter to the Editors of Prosveshcheniye, February 27, 1914Lenin1914