Novaya Zhizn

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 Texts published in Novaya ZhiznAuthorDate
Note to M. Borisov's Article “On the Trade Union Movement and the Tasks of Social-Democracy”LeninOct 1905
Petty-Bourgeois and Proletarian SocialismLeninOct 1905
The Reorganisation of the PartyLeninNov 1905
The Proletariat and the Peasantry (November 1905)LeninNov 1905
Party Organisation and Party LiteratureLeninNov 1905
The Armed Forces and the RevolutionLeninNov 1905
The Provocation That FailedLeninNov 1905
Resolution of the Executive Committee of the St. Petersburg Soviet of Workers' Deputies on Measures for Counteracting the Lock-Out Adopted on November 27, 1905LeninNov 1905
The Scales are WaveringLeninNov 1905
Learn From the EnemyLeninNov 1905
Revolutionary Office Routine and Revolutionary ActionLeninNov 1905
The Dying Autocracy and New Organs of Popular RuleLeninNov 1905
Socialism and Anarchism (1905)LeninNov 1905
The Socialist Party and Non-Party RevolutionismLeninNov 1905
Socialism and Religion (1905)LeninDec 1905
Speech at a Sitting of the Bolshevik Group of the First All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ DeputiesLeninMay 1917
Report on the Current Situation at the All-Russia Conference of Front and Rear Military Organisations of the RSDLP(b)LeninJun 1917
Letter to the Editors of Novaya Zhizn, July 1917LeninJul 1917
Speech to the Lettish Riflemen. February 20, 1918LeninFeb 1918
Session of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee. December 14, 1917LeninDec 2012

 Texts mentioning Novaya ZhiznAuthorDate
Between Two Battles (1905)LeninNov 1905
From the History of the Workers’ Press in RussiaLeninApr 1914
The Use of Sticking to the Point in PolemicsLeninJun 1917
SHAME!LeninJun 1917
Strange MisquotationsLeninJun 1917
Letter to the Editors of Novaya Zhizn, July 1917LeninJul 1917
Can the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?LeninOct 1917
Letter to Comrades, October 1917LeninOct 1917
Letter to Bolshevik Party Members, October 1917LeninOct 1917