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 Texts published in New York TribuneAuthorDate
 Revolution and Counter-Revolution in GermanyKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jan 1851
 The Chartists (August 10, 1852)Karl MarxAug 1852
 The Elections in England. Tories and WhigsKarl MarxAug 1852
 Corruption at Elections (August 20, 1852)Karl MarxAug 1852
 Pauperism and free trade. The approaching commercial crisisKarl MarxOct 1852
 Political Consequences of the Commercial ExcitementKarl MarxOct 1852
 Attempts to Form a New Opposition PartyKarl MarxOct 1852
 Political Parties and ProspectsKarl MarxOct 1852
 Movements of Mazzini and Kossuth. League with Louis Napoleon. Palmerston.Karl MarxOct 1852
 The Late Trial at CologneFriedrich EngelsNov 1852
 Kossuth, Mazzini, and Louis NapoleonKarl MarxDec 1852
 Parliament. Vote of November 26th. Disraeli's BudgetKarl MarxDec 1852
 The Defeat of the Ministry (1852)Karl MarxDec 1852
 Lord Palmerston (eight articles)Karl MarxJan 1853
 A reply to Kossuth's "secretary"Karl MarxJan 1853
 A Superannuated Administration. Prospects of the coalition ministry, &c.Karl MarxJan 1853
 Political Prospects. Commercial Prosperity. Case of StarvationKarl MarxJan 1853
 Elections. Financial Clouds. The Duchess of Sutherland and SlaveryKarl MarxJan 1853
 Capital Punishment. Mr. Cobden’s Pamphlet. Regulations of the Bank of EnglandKarl MarxJan 1853
 Defense. Finances. Decrease of the Aristocracy PoliticsKarl MarxFeb 1853
 The Italian Insurrection British PoliticsKarl MarxFeb 1853
 The Attack on Francis Joseph. The Milan Riot. British Politics. Disraeli's Speech. Napoleon's Will.Karl MarxFeb 1853
 Parliamentary Debates. The Clergy Against Socialism. StarvationKarl MarxFeb 1853
 The Real Issue in Turkey (1853)Friedrich EngelsMar 1853
 The Turkish Question (March 1853)Friedrich EngelsMar 1853
 British Politics. Disraeli. The Refugees.Mazzini in London. TurkeyKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Mar 1853
 Forced Emigration. Kossuth and Mazzini. The Refugee Question. Election Bribery in England. Mr. CobdenKarl MarxMar 1853
 Kossuth and Mazzini. Intrigues of the Prussian Government. Austro-Prussian Commercial Treaty. The Times and the Refugees.Karl MarxMar 1853
 The London Press. Policy of Napoleon on the Turkish QuestionKarl MarxMar 1853
 The Rocket Affair. The Swiss Insurrection.Karl MarxApr 1853
 The Berlin ConspiracyKarl MarxApr 1853
 The Berlin Conspiracy. London Police. Mazzini. Radetzky.Karl MarxApr 1853
 Feargus O'Connor. Ministerial Defeats. The Budget.Karl MarxApr 1853
 What is to become of Turkey in Europe?Friedrich EngelsApr 1853
 Riot at Constantinople. German Table Moving. The BudgetKarl MarxApr 1853
 Political Position of the Swiss RepublicFriedrich EngelsApr 1853
 Achievements of The MinistryKarl MarxApr 1853
 Affairs in Holland. Denmark. Conversion of the British Debt. India, Turkey and Russia.Karl MarxMay 1853
 Mazzini. Switzerland and Austria. The Turkish Question.Karl MarxMay 1853
 The Turkish Question. The Times. Russian Aggrandizement.Karl MarxMay 1853
 The Russian Humbug. Gladstone's Failure. Sir Charles Wood's East Indian Reforms.Karl MarxJun 1853
 The British Rule in IndiaKarl MarxJun 1853
 Revolution in China and in EuropeKarl MarxJun 1853
 English Prosperity. Strikes. The Turkish Question. India.Karl MarxJun 1853
 Turkey and Russia. Connivance of the Aberdeen Ministry with Russia. The Budget. Tax on Newspaper Supplements. Parliamentary CorruptionKarl MarxJun 1853
 The East India Company-Its History and ResultsKarl MarxJun 1853
 Russian Policy Against Turkey. ChartismKarl MarxJul 1853
 The Turkish War Question. The New-York Tribune in The House of Commons. The Government of IndiaKarl MarxJul 1853
 Layard’s Motion. Fight over the Ten-Hour Working DayKarl MarxJul 1853
 The Indian Question. Irish Tenant RightKarl MarxJul 1853
 The Russo-Turkish Difficulty. Ducking and Dodging of The British Cabinet. Nesselrode's Last Note. The East India Question.Karl MarxJul 1853
 War in Burma. The Russian Question. Curious Diplomatic Correspondence.Karl MarxJul 1853
 The War Question. Doings of Parliament. India.Karl MarxJul 1853
 The Future Results of British Rule in IndiaKarl MarxJul 1853
 Financial Failure of Government. Cabs. Ireland. The Russian QuestionKarl MarxJul 1853
 In The House of Commons. The Press on the Eastern Question. The Czar's Manifesto. Denmark.Karl MarxAug 1853
 Advertisement Duty. Russian Movements. Denmark. The United States in Europe.Karl MarxAug 1853
 Urquhart. Bem. The Turkish Question in The House of Lords.Karl MarxAug 1853
 The Turkish Question in The CommonsKarl MarxAug 1853
 Affairs Continental and EnglishKarl MarxAug 1853
 The War Question. British Population and Trade Returns. Doings of ParliamentKarl MarxAug 1853
 Rise in the Price of Corn. Cholera. Strikes. Sailors' Movement.Karl MarxAug 1853
 The Vienna Note. The United States and Europe. Letters from Shumla. Peel's Bank ActKarl MarxSep 1853
 The Western Powers and Turkey. Imminent Economic Crisis. Railway Construction in India.Karl MarxSep 1853
 The Western Powers and Turkey. Symptoms of Economic Crisis.Karl MarxSep 1853
 Panic on the London Stock Exchange. Strikes.Karl MarxSep 1853
 Political Movements. Scarcity of Bread in EuropeKarl MarxSep 1853
 The Russians in Turkey (Engels)Friedrich EngelsOct 1853
 The Turkish Manifesto. France's Economic PositionKarl MarxOct 1853
 The War Question— Financial Matters— StrikesKarl MarxOct 1853
 Movements of the Armies in Turkey (Engels)Friedrich EngelsOct 1853
 Arrest of Delescluze. Denmark. Austria. The Times on the Prospects of War Against Russia.Karl MarxOct 1853
 The Holy War (Engels)Friedrich EngelsOct 1853
 Persian Expedition in Afghanistan and Russian Expedition in Central Asia. Denmark. The Fighting on the Danube and in Asia. Wigan Colliers.Karl MarxNov 1853
 Progress of The Turkish War (November 8, 1853)Friedrich EngelsNov 1853
 The Russian Defeats (1853)Friedrich EngelsNov 1853
 Prosperity. The Labor QuestionKarl MarxNov 1853
 War. Strikes. DearthKarl MarxNov 1853
 Progress of The Turkish War (December 7, 1853)Friedrich EngelsNov 1853
 The Labor Question (November 1853)Karl MarxNov 1853
 Manteuffel's Speech. Religious Movement in Prussia. Mazzini's Address. London Corporation. Russell's Reform. Labor Parliament.Karl MarxNov 1853
 The War on the Danube (December 1853)Friedrich EngelsDec 1853
 The Turkish War.Industrial Distress.Karl MarxDec 1853
 The Quadruple Convention. England and The War.Karl MarxDec 1853
 The Russian Victory. Position of England and France.Karl MarxDec 1853
 Progress of The Turkish War (December 23, 1853)Friedrich EngelsDec 1853
 Palmerston's ResignationKarl MarxDec 1853
 Fortification of Constantinople. Denmark's Neutrality. Composition of British Parliament. Crop Failure in EuropeKarl MarxJan 1854
 The Western Powers and Turkey (January 10, 1854)Karl MarxJan 1854
 The Fighting in the East. Finances of Austria and France. Fortification of Constantinople.Karl MarxJan 1854
 The Czar's Views. Prince Albert.Karl MarxJan 1854
 The War Question in Europe (1854)Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Feb 1854
 The European War (February 1854)Friedrich EngelsFeb 1854
 Count Orlov's Mission. Russian Finances During the War.Karl MarxFeb 1854
 Blue Books. Parliamentary Debates on February 6. Count Orlov's Mission. Operations of the Allied Fleet. The Irish Brigade. Concerning the Convocation of the Labor ParliamentKarl MarxFeb 1854
 The Last Battle in Europe (1853)Friedrich EngelsFeb 1854
 Russian Diplomacy. The Blue Book on the Eastern Question. Montenegro.Karl MarxFeb 1854
 Declaration of the Prussian Cabinet. Napoleon's Plans. Prussia's PolicyKarl MarxFeb 1854
 Debates in Parliament (February 21, 1854)Karl MarxFeb 1854
 Parliamentary Debates of February 22. Pozzo di Borgo's Dispatch. The Policy of the Western Powers.Karl MarxFeb 1854
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