Note On the Collected Works of Feuerbach and Hegel

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Author(s) Lenin
Written September 1915

Lenin Collected Works, 4th Edition, Moscow, 1976, Volume 38, p. 373
Publisher: Progress Publishers
First Published: 1930 in Lenin Miscellany XII, p. 24. Published according to the manuscript

LOG. 536

Collected Works of Feuerbach, Bolin’s edition
Vol. I.Thoughts on Death and Immortality
” II.Critical Philosophical Notes and Basic Propositions
” III.The History of Modern Philosophy
” IV.The Philosophy of Leibnitz
” V.Pierre Bayle
” VI.The Essence of Christianity
” VII.Notes and Supplements to this book
” VIII.Lectures on the Essence of Religion
” IX.Theogony
” X.Letters on Ethics and Posthumous Aphorisms.

Log. I. 175

Collected Works of Hegel

III, IV and V. Logic

XIX, 1 and 2—Hegel’s Correspondence.