Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, July 15, 1869

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Author(s) Karl Marx
Written 15 July 1869

Source: Karl Marx, Letters to Dr Kugelmann (Martin Lawrence, London, undated).
Published in Marx-Engels Collected Works, Volume 42

Dear Kugelmann

Your letter of 2 June came while I was in Manchester. They forgot to send it on to me and later forgot its existence completely. I have only just found it, my attention having been called to it by your letter of 6 July. I only got this second letter yesterday because, as my Laura was ill, I have spent eight days incognito in Paris where, by the by, the growing movement is palpable. Otherwise I should have hastened to write to you while you were ill.

As for the 18 Brumaire, Meissner’s[1] assurances are sheer evasions. He has had the thing since the end of January. Naturally, he did not get the preface, because he had not sent the last two proof-sheets. I got those at last on 23 June and sent them back corrected the same day, together with the preface. So more than three weeks have passed again, until we are really landed in the dull season of the book trade.

I shall not come to Germany till September. I shall make the journey mainly because of my daughter. But in any case I would come to visit you in Heligoland (I am travelling through Hanover).

As to the biography by Engels, please send it back to me. He must rewrite it, as it is intended for a different public.

With cordial greetings to your dear wife and Fränzchen.


  1. Otto Karl Meissner (1819-1902) – Hamburg publisher who brought out Marx’s Capital and a number of other works by Marx and Engels – Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute.