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 Texts mentioning Viktor ChernovAuthor¡sDate
 The London Conference (1915)LeninMar 1915
 The Logic of Citizen V. ChernovLeninApr 1917
 An Unfortunate DocumentLeninMay 1917
 Class Collaboration With Capital, or Class Struggle Against Capital?LeninMay 1917
 The “Virtual Armistice”LeninMay 1917
 In Search of a NapoleonLeninMay 1917
 Impending DebacleLeninMay 1917
 One More Departure From Democratic PrinciplesLeninMay 1917
 â€œSleight of Hand” and Unprincipled PoliticiansLeninMay 1917
 The Capitalists Must Be ExposedLeninMay 1917
 For Lack of a Clean Principled Weapon They Snatch at a Dirty OneLeninMay 1917
 The Diehards of June 3 Favour an Immediate OffensiveLeninJun 1917
 An Epidemic of CredulityLeninJun 1917
 â€œThe Great Withdrawal”LeninJun 1917
 The Turning-Point (1917)LeninJun 1917
 A Mote in the EyeLeninJun 1917
 Infamy JustifiedLeninJun 1917
 SHAME!LeninJun 1917
 Lessons of the Revolution (1917)LeninJul 1917
 Miracles of Revolutionary EnergyLeninJul 1917
 Crisis Is Approaching, Dislocation Is IncreasingLeninJul 1917
 What Could the Cadets Have Counted On When They Withdrew from the Cabinet?LeninJul 1917
 The Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution (Draft Platform for the Proletarian Party)LeninSep 1917
 Heroes of Fraud and the Mistakes of the BolsheviksLeninSep 1917
 â€œThe Landowners Have Hit It Off With the Cadets”LeninOct 1917
 Demonstration Slogans (November 1917)LeninNov 1917
 Draft of A Manifesto To The Peasantry From The Second All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Peasants’ DeputiesLeninDec 1917
 Declaration Of The RSDLP (Bolsheviks) Group At The Constituent Assembly MeetingLeninJan 1918
 People From Another WorldLeninJan 1918
 Extraordinary Fourth All-Russia Congress Of SovietsLeninMar 1918
 The Turning-Point (1919)Leon TrotskyOct 1919
 Report On Concessions at a Meeting of the Communist Group Of The All-Russia Central Council of Trade UnionsLeninApr 1921
 The Tax in KindLeninApr 1921