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 Texts with keyword "Vienna"AuthorDate
 From a Newspaper Item Listing the Names of Visitors Who Had Just Arrived in ViennaKarl MarxAug 1848
 From the Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association on November 6, 1848. Entry Relating to Marx's Report on the Events in ViennaKarl MarxNov 1848
 Highly Important from ViennaKarl MarxMay 1859
 Letter to Friedrich Engels, July 17, 1869Karl MarxJul 1869
 Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, November 9, 1871Karl MarxNov 1871
 Letter to Minna Kautsky, November 26, 1885Friedrich EngelsNov 1885
 News from Vienna (Neue Rheinische Zeitung)Karl MarxNov 1848
 Newspaper Reports of Marx's Speech in the First Workers' Association of Vienna on August 30, 1848Karl MarxAug 1848
 Newspaper Reports of Marx's Speech in the Vienna Democratic Association on August 28, 1848Karl MarxAug 1848
 Note in the Neue Rheinische Zeitung on Marx's Departure for ViennaKarl MarxAug 1848
 Report of Marx's Lecture on Wage Labour and Capital at the Meeting of the First Workers' Association of Vienna on September 2, 1848Karl MarxSep 1848
 Revolution in Vienna (Neue Rheinische Zeitung)Karl MarxOct 1848
 The Frankfurter Oberpostamts-Zeitung and the Viennese RevolutionKarl MarxOct 1848
 The Latest News from Vienna, Berlin and ParisKarl MarxNov 1848
 The Victory of the Counter-Revolution in ViennaKarl MarxNov 1848
 The Viennese Revolution and the Kolnische ZeitungKarl MarxNov 1848
 Vienna and Frankfurt, March 12, 1849Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Mar 1849