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 Texts with keyword "Ultra-leftism"AuthorDate
 A Serious Lesson And A Serious ResponsibilityLeninMar 1918
 Comment on the Behaviour of the “Left Communists”LeninMar 1918
 Conference of the Extended Editorial Board of Proletary (2)LeninJun 1909
 Factory Councils in Germany and Workers’ Control of ProductionLeon TrotskyNov 1931
 Flood-Tide. The Economic Conjuncture and the World Labour MovementLeon TrotskyDec 1921
 Forgetful MyasnikovLeon TrotskyMay 1930
 Kommunismus, journal of the Communist International for the Countries of South-Eastern Europe (in German), ViennaLeninJun 1920
 Learn to Think - A Friendly Suggestion to Certain Ultra-LeftistsLeon TrotskyMay 1938
 Letter to Teplov, October 22, 1928Leon TrotskyOct 1928
 Letter to The Central Committee Of The Communist Party Of Germany Regarding The SplitLeninOct 1919
 Letter to the Editors of Oktoberbriefe, October 7, 1932Leon TrotskyOct 1932
 Letter to the Italian Left CommunistsLeon TrotskySep 1929
 Letter to the League Communiste, March 2, 1934Leon TrotskyMar 1934
 On the Politics of the Left Opposition in GermanyLeon TrotskySep 1929
 Paul Levi and Some “Lefts”Leon TrotskyJan 1922
 Peace or War?LeninFeb 1918
 Preface to the Polish Edition of Lenin's Left-Wing Communism, an Infantile DisorderLeon TrotskyOct 1932
 Report on the Tax in KindLeninApr 1920
 Report on the current situation to the Moscow Regional Conference of the RCP(b), May 1918LeninMay 1918
 Six Theses On The Immediate Tasks Of The Soviet GovernmentLeninApr 1918
 Some Features of the Present CollapseLeninJul 1905
 Speeches to the Second Congress of the Communist InternationalLeninJul 1920
 Strange and MonstrousLeninFeb 1918
 The Chief Task of Our DayLeninMar 1918
 The Defense of the Soviet Union and the OppositionLeon TrotskySep 1929
 The ItchLeninFeb 1918
 The Revolutionary PhraseLeninFeb 1918
 The Tax in KindLeninApr 1921
 The “Third Period” of the Comintern’s MistakesLeon TrotskyDec 1929
 Ultralefts in General and Incurable Ultralefts in ParticularLeon TrotskySep 1937
 Where is the Mistake?LeninFeb 1918
 â€œLeft-Wing” Childishness and the Petty-Bourgeois MentalityLeninApr 1918
 â€œLeft-Wing” Communism: an Infantile DisorderLeninApr 1920