Fyodor Cherevanin

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Fyodor Andreyevich Cherevanin (nĂ© Lipkin, 1868–1938)

A long-standing member of the Menshevik Party, Fyodor Cherevanin was described as an "exceptionally likeable man" by Ukrainian economist Naum Jasny. Cherevanin participated in propaganda work for the Social Democrat-ic movement in Khar'kov in the 1890s and joined the Mensheviks in 1903. He became a member of its Central Committee and was known mainly as an economist. Prior to the First World War he was on the liquidationist wing of the Mensheviks, and during the conflict he was head of the Petrograd bureau of the Union of Cities' Economic Department. After the February Revolution, Cherevanin was an advocate of revolutionary defensism and a member of the economic council of the Petrograd Soviet, later becoming head of its Economic Department. After the October Revolution, he sided with the left-wing majority of the Menshevik Party.