A Note on the Resolution of the Estonian Social-Democrats

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“A Note on the Resolution of the Estonian Social-Democrats” was published in Proletary, No. 15, on March 25, 1907, under the heading “Editorial Notes”, in connection with a letter to the editor on “The Conference of the Estonian Social-Democrats”.

Our correspondent has also sent us the Rules of the League of the Estonian Area of the RSDLP, adopted at the conference. We are unable to print them owing to lack of space.

We call our readers’ attention to the resolution on the Duma. It is quite obvious that the resolution of the Mensheviks, published in Russkaya Zhizn, No. 47, served as the basis for it; the influence exerted by the Mensheviks M. and A. was confined to this. The Estonian Social-Democrats have recast all the militant parts of the resolution in a fine Bolshevik spirit (especially the part about the Cadets and the “responsible ministry”). An excellent example of “amendments” to Menshevik resolutions!