Warrant for the Arrest of Heinrich Bürgers and Friedrich Engels

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Author(s) Friedrich Engels
Heinrich Bürgers
Written 4 October 1848

First published in the Kölnische Zeitung No. 271, October 4, 1848
Printed according to the newspaper
Published in English for the first time in Marx-Engels Collected Works, Volume 7
Collection(s): Kölnische Zeitung

Warrant for arrest. The persons described below have taken refuge in flight from the investigation instituted against them on account of crimes envisaged in Articles 87, 91 and 102 of the Penal Code. On the basis of the order for their appearance in court issued by the examining magistrate here, I therefore request all authorities and officials whom it may concern to be on the look-out for them and, if discovered, to arrest them and have them brought before me.

Cologne, October 3, 1848

For the Chief Public Prosecutor,

Public Prosecutor Hecker

Description. I. Name: J oh. Heinr. Gerhard Bürgers; occupation: writer; place of birth and residence: Cologne; religion: Catholic; age: 28 years; height: 5 feet 7 inches; hair, eyebrows and eyes: brown; forehead: round; nose: thin; mouth: medium; beard: brown; teeth: good; chin and face: oval; complexion: healthy; figure: slender; language: German.

II. Name: Friedrich Engels; occupation: merchant; place of birth and residence: Barmen; religion: Evangelical; age: 27 years; height: 5 feet 8 inches; hair and eyebrows: dark blond; forehead: ordinary; eyes: grey; nose and mouth: well-proportioned; teeth: good; beard: brown; chin and face: oval; complexion: healthy; figure: slender.