Marks on Nikolai Meshcheryakov’s Letter and a Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b)

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...Now as regards the newspaper Kooperativnoye Dyelo.
1) The Board of Centrosoyuz, which consists only of Communists, says that the newspaper is necessary if the co-operatives are to fulfil their difficult and new organising work and carry out the trade tasks imposed upon them.
2) The paper’s editorial board consists only of Communists: I, Sarabyanov, Shvetsov, Kutuzov-Ilimsky, etc.
??3) A delegation of Western co-operators is coming to Russia. The closing of the newspaper will be taken ad vantage of by the old co-operators and will make co-operative work difficult.
4) The closing of the newspaper will be exploited at the Genoa Conference.
ha—ha!!5) So far there has been nothing hostile to Soviet power or communism in the paper...
February 11, 1922 N. Meshcheryakov

To Comrade Molotov for the Politbureau:

in view of the obvious flimsiness of Comrade Meshcheryakov’s arguments, I propose:

1) that the Board of Centrosoyuz be directed to replace the daily newspaper Kooperativnoye Dyelo with a weekly;

2) the personnel and funds thus released should be used wholly for improving the activities of headquarters in supervising and helping to develop proper trade by the co-operatives locally;

3) reports on the fulfilment of § 2 to be made monthly to the Politbureau;

4) more contributions to be made to Ekonomicheskaya Zhizn