Letter to the Secretary of the International Socialist Bureau, July 3, 1905

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Geneva, July 3, 1905

Dear Citizen,

We have received your letter informing us that you have sent 5,049 frs. 23 to Mr. Plekhanov. The head of our for warding office has written him that we expect half of this sum to be sent to our address.

I should like to let you know, dear citizen, that it was a mistake on your part to have sent the money to Mr. Plekhanov. We have already had the honour to inform you that since the Third Congress of our Party Iskra has ceased to be the organ of the Party and that Mr. Plekhanov is no longer the representative of the Party in the International Bureau. We have also had the honour to inform you that the Central Committee of our Party has not yet delegated a special representative to the International Bureau and that in all cases you should get in touch with Mr. Ulyanov.

You advise us to come to an agreement with Mr. Plekhanov. You should be aware that no agreement of any kind is possible between our Party and Mr. Plekhanov until his relations with the Party have been officially settled. I am therefore obliged to ask you to inform Mr. Plekhanov that half of the sum should be forwarded to the Central Committee of our Party (to Mr. Ulyanov).

Accept, dear citizen, our fraternal greetings.

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Russian Social-Democratic Party

Vl. Ulyanov (N. Lenin)