Letter to the Members of the Political Bureau, CC, RCP(b), February 19, 1920

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Stalin wired Lenin on February 18, 1920, that he disagreed with the order of the Commander-in-Chief to detach units of the Ukrainian Labour Army for reinforcing the front and asked to be summoned to Moscow to clear the matter up. On February 19, a telegram in reply signed by Lenin was sent to Stalin worded according to the text quoted in the present note.

Krestinsky and L. B. Kamenev

To the members of the Politbureau:

I am against summoning Stalin. He is cavilling. The Commander-in-Chief is quite right: first of all we must defeat Denikin, then pass to a state of peace.

I suggest replying to Stalin: “The Politbureau cannot summon you at present, as it considers that the most important and urgent task is to achieve final victory over Denikin, for which you must step up reinforcements to the Caucasian Front with the utmost energy.”