Letter to the International Socialist Bureau, September 16, 1905

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September 16, 1905

Dear Comrade,

All your letters proposing that the International Socialist Bureau intervene to reconcile the two groups in our Party have been forwarded to the Central Committee in Russia. I am now in a position to inform you that the Central Committee is prepared to take part in the conference referred to, on condition that it will be confined to a preliminary exchange of views. I hope the delegates of the Central Committee will arrive in Geneva or Berlin in the very near future, probably in September.

However, I must inform you that the Central Committee is preparing to conclude an agreement with the Organising Committee in Russia, which is the executive body of the Minority in the Party. Preliminary negotiations have already taken place, and both parties have arrived at an understanding concerning sums contributed to the cause of the Russian revolution by organisations abroad. The text of this agreement was forwarded to you a fortnight ago.

Since only full understanding between the comrades in Russia can guarantee a lasting reconciliation, it would be advisable to await the outcome of these negotiations before calling the conference you mention in your letter to us.

Vladimir Ulyanov (N. Lenin)