Letter to the International Socialist Bureau, October 27, 1905

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Geneva, October 27, 1905

Dear Comrade,

On June 28 you sent us Comrade Bebel’s proposal concerning the differences in our Party.

On July 24 I wrote to you[1] that I could not give you a reply on behalf of the Central Committee of our Party, as I am only one of the members of the Committee, and asked the Bureau to clear up a few points for me. In reply I received a letter from Citizen Huysmans, dated August 5, in which he writes that the Executive Committee’s intervention is directed only towards moral suasion. I immediately informed the Central Committee of our Party of the exact nature of Bebel’s proposal. I am now in receipt of a reply from the Central Committee, which accepts your offer and appoints as its representatives Comrades Vasilyev, Schmidt,[2] and Lenin. Comrade Schmidt is in Russia. We must there fore be informed in advance of the date fixed for the conference (at least three weeks ahead of time).

The other two delegates are in Switzerland.

Accept, etc.

V. Ulyanov (Lenin)

P. S. I have just received another letter informing me that Comrade Schmidt will soon leave for abroad (arriving probably in November) in order to settle a number of matters pertaining to our Party. It is therefore of the utmost importance for me to obtain as soon as possible the reply of the other section of our Party concerning the date for the conference. It is extremely difficult for members of our Party working in Russia to go abroad, which makes it desirable that the date on which the conference is to be convened should be fixed now, in other words, that the other section and the members of the International Bureau advise us as early as possible when they propose to call this conference.

  1. See pp. 142-45 of this volume.—Ed.
  2. Vasilyev—the Bolshevik F. Lengnik; Schmidt—the Bolshevik P. Rumyantsev. The latter left the Party during the period of the Stolypin reaction.