Letter to the Commissariats for Education and Properties of the Republic, June 15, 1918

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You are directed to submit information without delay as to what exactly has been done to implement the decree of 13. IV. 1918, particularly in regard to 1) the removal of old monuments, 2) their replacement by new monuments, at least temporary ones, and 3) the replacement of old inscriptions on public buildings by new ones (§ 5 of the decree).[1]

The two months’ procrastination in carrying out the decree—important both as propaganda and as providing work to the unemployed—is unpardonable.

Chairman, CPC[2]

  1. This refers to the decree “On the Monuments of the Republic”, adopted at a sitting of the Council of People’s Commissars on April 12, 1918 (see this volume, Document 75 and Note 47).
  2. There is a typewritten text of this document on CPC notepaper, signed by Lenin, which, was sent to the People’s Commissariat for Education.—Ed.