Letter to Varlam Avanesov, September 23, 1921

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Comrade Avanesov, Workers’ and Peasants’ Inspection

About Red Tape in Supplying the Kashira Site

I am enclosing herewith three letters from the Kashira site. The CLD has been receiving almost daily complaints from it about red tape and interruption in food supply. Instead of doing their job, the Kashira builders have been wasting a considerable part of their energy on getting the food supply in. We must put a stop to this. Considering the exceptional conditions created for the Kashira site, this can well be done even with our stale of food supply being what it is.

I propose that you should appoint a responsible man with the urgent assignment to investigate the food supply arrangements for the Kashira site, and find out who is to blame for the red tape, charge the guilty with responsibility, and, if necessary, work out a draft CLD decision regulating the supply arrangements for the Kashira site.[1]

Chairman, CLD

  1. On October 26, 1921, the Council of Labour and Defence heard the question of food supply for the Kashira project and approved a draft decision introduced by V. A. Avanesov.