Letter to Sigfrid Meyer, beginning of February 1866

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To Sigfrid Meyer in Berlin

[London, beginning of February 1866] 1 Modena Villas, Maitland Park[edit source]

Dear Sir,

For the past week my husband has again been laid low with his former dangerous and painful complaint; this fresh affliction is all the more distressing for him since it further interrupts him in the copying out of his book [Capital] that he has just begun. He is very sorry that you did not receive his lengthy letter, as he is at the present moment incapable of writing. He also fears that the letter has been seized, as it should have been returned long ago otherwise. The address was, by the way, perfectly correct, and I took the letter to the post myself along with many others and the newspapers, all of which arrived. With regard to the Manifesto, being a historical document, he wishes it to be printed exactly as it originally appeared; the misprints are so obvious that anyone can correct them. He will be sending the ‘International Address’ to you as soon as he can.

At the same time, he asks you to let him know your new address for further correspondence, when you have left Berlin. And could not Mr Vogt, in turn, give its another address, as we do not think his present one is quite safe. When you write back, kindly, address to A. Williams, Esq., etc.

My husband sends you his warmest greetings.

Jenny Marx