Letter to Pavel Axelrod, March 11, 1901

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11/III. 01

Dear P. B.,

I received your letter today (together with a copy of the over-laudatory opinion of the Parisians[1]) and am hurrying to send you another copy of No. 2.[2] How could I not have noticed that the copy sent you was so poor? As a matter of fact, I had absolutely no choice then.

Leiteisen’s article, in my opinion, is not quite ... but it evidently will nevertheless do. Others seem to have found it better than I did.

I haven’t the slightest idea of Shouer. I shall ask others.

I am sending you the copies of Weltpolitik[3] I happen to have. If you need all the issues, you probably will have to get in touch with the author himself who again was obliging enough to give his address.

The last sheet of Zarya has been proof-read. Soon now....

Alexei wanted to write about the twentieth anniversary of March 1. I don’t know whether he did. I am expecting him shortly.

With best regards,



  1. A reference to comments on issue No. 1 of Iskra by members of the Borba group (see Note 13).
  2. Of Iskra.—Ed.
  3. Aus Weltpolitik—a weekly published by Parvus in Munich from 1898 to 1905.