Letter to Pavel Axelrod, February 27, 1901

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February 27, 1901

Dear P. B.,

I have received both your letters, and have passed on the letter from Italy to V. I. I don’t yet know the contents of that letter, because I transmitted it through Blumenfeld. He and I are setting out tomorrow: he is going on through Vienna, I am going via Vienna to Prague on my own business.[1] Please excuse me for writing briefly, because of appointments and packing.

A letter has come from Dietz to the effect that he is not printing the statement (about an alliance with the liberals), that this is dangerous (“amalgamation”, groups, etc.) and that, altogether, would it not be better for us to have a secret printing press?! We are very much astounded by this piece of news from the erratic idiot Dietz. We have decided ( provisorisch[2] ) for the time being to leave Zarya here (for the time being!) and print the rest in Geneva.

I think that diplomatic relations with the Parisians have been resumed.

Molotov has already written his article on finance (for No. 3 of Iskra).[3] He has promised a review of foreign affairs.

There is still not quite enough material for No. 3 of Iskra.

Judas (the calf) has not yet left. He is clearing out at last in a few days, I think—thank God. “All is well” with him.

From home there is letter after letter about the student disorders. My brother writes that he will soon be coming.

No. 2[4] has not yet reached Russia.

All the best. I will make certain to write a more sensible letter when I return (I shall be away for 4 or 7 days) and take up my usual routine.



  1. Lenin went to Prague and Vienna to obtain a consular passport for N. K. Krupskaya for a trip to Germany.
  2. Provisionally.—Ed.
  3. The article “Autocracy and Finance” was published in Iskra No. 4.
  4. Iskra No. 2.