Letter to Pavel Axelrod, December 11, 1900

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December 11

Dear P. B.,

Thank you very much for letting us have your remarks so speedily on the item about the split.[1] I have made the corrections you want, except that I could not cut out altogether the mention of the Rabocheye Dyelo’s services: it seems to me that this would be unfair to an opponent with a record not only of offences against Social-Democracy.

Poletayev told me a piece of news that has made me very glad, that you have to some extent got free of the yoghurt, and could pay us a short visit. Now this would be splendid! I think there will be no difficulty in finding accommodation, one can take a room by the week. After all you do have a Swiss citizen’s passport. I am still waiting (still, because I have been waiting a long time already, and to no purpose) the early arrival of both friends. Alexei writes that he is “eager to come”, but is being somewhat delayed by various circumstances. The other friend has not written for a long time, but I don’t think this means that anything very bad has happened. By the time they arrive, both Iskra (in 1 or 2 weeks) and Zarya will probably have appeared (Dietz has hired another compositor and is driving ahead quickly, hurrying us up. By the way, will you have anything for this issue of the journal[2] ?). By that time, something will also have been cleared up about the transport (what a difficult problem!) and about the material, and then it would be extremely desirable to have a general meeting. I look forward to this very much.

What about young Adler’s article[3]? Is he writing it? When will it be ready? Please hurry him up in a letter and —if you find the correspondence too burdensome, or if the Umweg[4] via Munich—Zurich—Vienna entails long delay, then give him Lehmann’s address (Herrn Dr. Med. Carl Lehmann, Gabelsbergerstrasse 20a. München. On the second envelope: für Meyer)—and give us his address, and we shall squeeze a reply out of him.

We want to print 1,000 copies of Zarya for Russia and 500 for abroad.

I am eagerly awaiting your chronicle, and then a meeting.



For Gurevich:

Please try and arrange the following: we need to have a good address in Zurich through which Yefimov (Dietz’s compositor) could carry on correspondence with Geneva, i.e., an intermediary, transmitting address. If you can, please send it to me as soon as possible, and in any case drop me a line at least right away in reply.

My best wishes, and regards to Vera Pavlovna.



  1. A reference to the amendments to Lenin’s article, “The Split in the Union of Russian Social-Democrats Abroad” (see present edition, Vol. 4, pp. 378–79) on which G. V. Plekhanov insisted in his letter to Lenin on December 8, 1900 (see Lenin Miscellany III, p. 116).
  2. Perhaps you could put together something of what you wrote about Liebknecht and which did not go into the paper.—Lenin
  3. A reference to F. Adler’s article on Austrian affairs which he was to write for Iskra. The article did not appear in the paper.
  4. Roundabout way.—Ed.