Letter to Pavel Axelrod, August 24, 1901

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August 24, 1901

Dear P. B.,

I enclose Nevzorov’s article which he has rewritten. It has confronted us with this dilemma: either to publish it in Zarya, or to reject it altogether. The votes are divided equally (Alexei and Arsenyev, for; Velika Dmitrievna and I, against). Please cast your vote. I must say that I am particularly exasperated by the fact that everyone (even Arsenyev!) says the article is “vile”, “treacherous” (as G. V. has also called it), but they keep talking of printing it! To my mind, this is the worst tactics of indulgence and connivance. They say in defence of the article: “It’s a contributor’s letter to the editorial board. It’s awkward to reject it.” In my opinion, once a contributor adopts that kind of attitude, we are in duty bound to put an end to it. Let him go to Rabocheye Dyelo and Godspeed (Nevzorov even wrote to ask us if we had any objections to it!? Sic!)— that will help us to “document” his figure much better, and take him to pieces much more freely than in our Zarya. (One of the arguments for was that it should be printed to provide the occasion for replying to the widespread arguments.)

And so, it’s up to you to decide the issue!

And how about Finn’s article? If it’s a good one (as you wrote), shouldn’t we publish it in Zarya? Will you send it to us?

How is your health? I heard that you were not far from Thun, but I hope the letter will be readdressed.

When do you expect to visit G. V.? We rely on you very much as regards the programme.

Well, so long. Hope you will be fit soon, and all the best.



Number seven of Iskra will appear in a day or two. G. V.’s article (the second against Struve) has been sent to Zarya. Then there will be articles by Nevzorov, Alexei, Velika Dmitrievna and Arsenyev; one on the agrarian question (which I am writing)[1] and one by G. V. against Bernstein (a review of the Russian translation of his book). There is no review of foreign affairs. Perhaps Danevich will write one? He has already sent in a second letter for Iskra (it will go into No. 8).

  1. A reference to Lenin’s work, “The Agrarian Question and the ‘ Critics of Marx’” (see present edition, Vol. 5, pp. 103–222).