Letter to Nikolai Bryukhanov, September 19, 1921

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In reply to this letter, M. I. Frumkin, Deputy People’s Commissar for Food, informed the CPC Managing Department on September 27, 1921, that “Vladimir Ilyich’s letter has been taken into consideration and will be fulfilled”. N. P. Gorbunov, CPC Business Manager, made the following entry in the assignment register: “Fulfilled December 14. N. P. Bryukhanov informed that the Gubernia Executive Committees ‘are obeying’” (Istorichesky Arkhiv No. 5, 1961, p. 42).

==== If Bryukhanov is not there, to Frumkin

(Copy to N. P. Gorbunov) ====


Comrade Bryukhanov:

Today I signed a telegram concerning 1.2 million poods of hay for Moscow.

I think it is wrong to have me sign all such telegrams. We must go over—perhaps gradually, but go over we must to have people (including gubernia executive committees) carry out orders even without my signature—to have them obey normally and not only in extraordinary cases.

Send out 2 or 3 telegrams by way of urgent order. Followup. If they are not carried out—inflict double punishment and chock up on the infliction.

Please let me know the precise plan (and calendar programme) for switching local establishments to normal discipline.

V. Ulyanov (Lenin)

Chairman, CPC