Letter to Magnus Nilssen, January 27, 1908

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27.I. 08

Dear Comrade,

Camille Huysmans, Secretary of the International Socialist Bureau in Brussels, has passed your inquiry on to me. As representative of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party in the International Socialist Bureau, I can inform you that the Estonian Social-Democrats (if I am not mistaken, they call themselves the Union of Estonian Social-Democrats) are part of our Party. There is indeed in Revel a Committee of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party consisting mostly of Estonians. As regards citizens M. Jurisson and J. H. Seppin, these names are unknown to me. This in no way militates against them; the organisations of our Party function in secret and I know none of the Estonian comrades personally. I shall write to the Central Committee of our Party in Russia and make inquiries about these citizens (and, to make sure, also to the Revel Committee), but we cannot expect a quick answer.

With S. D. greetings,

Vl. Ulyanov (N. Lenin)

Address: Vl. Oulianoff. 17. Rue des deux Ponts. 17.

(chez Küpfer). Genf. Genève.