Letter to Ludwig Kugelmann, June 24, 1868

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Author(s) Karl Marx
Written 24 June 1868

Source: Karl Marx, Letters to Dr Kugelmann (Martin Lawrence, London, undated).
Published in Marx-Engels Collected Works, Volume 43
Keywords : Letter, Crisis

Dear Friend

I was prevented by all sorts of incidents from writing to you. Even now only a few lines.

My eldest and youngest daughters have both got scarlatina. I remember that in Hanover you spoke to me of the treatment required once the crisis was passed and the scaling-off process begins. Will you be so kind as to write me about it at once.

With best greetings to your dear wife and Fränzchen.

K Marx

Liebknecht is growing more and more imbecile in his South-German stupidity. He is not enough of a dialectician to criticise both sides at the same time.