Letter to Lev Kamenev, November 20, 1912

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 20 November 1912

Written prior to November 20, 1912
Published: First published in 1964 in Collected Works, Fifth (Russian) Ed., Vol. 48. Sent from Cracow to Paris. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 43, pages 308b-309a.
Keywords : Letter, Lev Kamenev

Dear L. B.,

...[1] Two of our latest documents are to be sent to you in Basle from Brussels (by Popov) [and from Leipzig ] (by Zagorsky): my Rapport [to the I.S.B. ] on the elections to the Fourth Duma and “Russian Workers Against War”[2] ... strikes and the resolution of the representatives. All this should be circulated in [the I.S.B. This] is important...



P.S. ...Prepare in a businesslike way. This makes an on all of them. Say that the whole world measures the strength of Social-Democracy by three tokens: 1) the number ... of votants[3] (in Russia, not; a couple of words against the legalists); 2) the socialist press; 3) socialist deputies. [Should we go by the] legal press?

How many times stronger have we (Pravda) been than Luch[4] throughout 1912 (ten months, January-October)? (Ad. 3. Begin with the Third Duma) “Der Anonymus aus dem Vorwärts” u.s.w.[5] The worker curia in the Fourth Duma (two words about it) is ours.

  1. Manuscript badly damaged. Words in square brackets have been inserted as context suggests.—Ed.
  2. Lenin’s report, “Elections to the Fourth Duma”, to the International Socialist Bureau, previously believed to be missing, was published in Le Peuple No. 325 on November 20, 1912. It was reprinted in 1963 in Correspondance entre Lénine et Camille Huysmans. 1905–1914, Paris.
    “Russian Workers Against War”—evidently the appeal “To All the Citizens of Russia” issued by the CC, RSDLP (see Collected Works, Fifth [Russian] Ed., Vol. 22, pp. 135–39).—Ed.
  3. Voters—Ed.
  4. Luch (The Ray)—a legal Menshevik-liquidationist daily published in St. Petersburg from September 16 (29), 1912, to July 5 (18), 1913. All told 237 issues came out. The newspaper was mainly financed by donations from liberals.
  5. A reference to Lenin’s “The Anonymous Writer in Vorwärts and the State of Affairs in the RSDLP” (see present edition, Vol. 17, pp. 533–46).—Ed.