Letter to Inessa Armand, Prior to January 22, 1914

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This is a postscript to a letter of Lenin’s to Armand that has not been traced.—Ed.


It has only just dawned on me, after rereading Kuznetsov’s telegram, that it is evidently not a question of a report, but a meeting commemorating 9.I! Announcing Malinovsky for such a meeting is altogether impossible (for I have already written about absolute legality, and I ask again and again that it be strictly adhered to: neither the Party, nor groups, nor revolution, nor Social-Democracy should ever be mentioned). As for me, you can put me down on the list of speakers on January 9 if it is useful for your success (financially), but with my right to let you down (privately, I declare that even if I’m in Paris I won’t go to the 9.1 meeting together with such a bunch of assorted animals as the S.R.s, and Leder & Co.).[1]

  1. On January 9 (22), 1914, Lenin addressed two meetings of Social-Democrats in Paris devoted to the anniversary of January 9, 1905.