Letter to Inessa Armand, October 28, 1916

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Dear Friend,

I sent you Letopis No. 7 yesterday.[1] When you have done with it, return it or forward it to Berne to be returned from there without jail and without it going any further. Abramovich was here and we talked quite a lot. The chap is working very well from below, independently of Huber, “agreements” with whom, of course, are worthless. If you sent me occasionally any interesting Nos. of l’Humanité containing criticism of the “minoritaires”, etc., I would be much obliged.

Friendly greetings,



  1. Letopis (Chronicle)—a literary, scientific and political journal to which former Bolsheviks (the Machists V. A. Bazarov and A. A. Bogdanov) as well as Mensheviks contributed. The journal’s literary section was run by Maxim Gorky. The journal appeared from December 1915 to December 1917.