Letter to Inessa Armand, Not earlier than January 11, 1914

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...[1] I received the CO Page 8 is disgraceful. Why the devil didn’t they let us know? We could have found some more material!! And it should have been dated not 28/XII, but earlier, for there is not a word about the International Bureau.

Many people are worrying over the decisions of the Bureau. It’s silly!

An “exchange of opinions” is quite acceptable, and a resolution like that should not have been turned down.

That about the six being rejected is a lie. The six did not even present a demand! According to the Rules they couldnt: if there are 7 S.R.s in the Duma+6 S.D.s, then 1 S.R. only has a voice in the Inter-Parliamentary Commission.

The I.S. Bureau can only offer us bons offices for talks, for an “exchange of opinions” with other parties, groups, etc. This is all it does. Only this! The calling of a conference, etc., is a stupid Versimpelung of affairs by the liquidationist and philistine riffraff. These liquidator people are just muck. And if we “exchange opinions” they’ll be pleased!

Who wrote the article in the CO on the Beilis case?

Why weren’t the proofs sent to us?? It should have been said that the bourgeois should form a republican party if they are really against the Beilis case.

  1. The beginning of the letter is missing.—Ed.