Letter to Inessa Armand, March 31, 1916

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Dear Friend,

We have just received your postcard, and I hasten to answer it, as the P. O. will soon close. You are not very pleased with the “crowd” of Samovarchik’s friends,[1] but this young “crowd” is in raptures over you: that’s what Samovarchik himself writes in their own words. I congratulate you heartily on the success and wish you still more of it in future. You are not interested in politics, but you do sympathise with France: we have excellent information concerning the split among the German socialists and on how things are going with the International Socialists of Germany. This news is in favour of France.

I wish you again all the very best. I congratulate you on your success and send my best regards—so does Olga.



  1. Apparently this refers to the young French socialists, friends of G. I. Safarov (Samovarchik), who lived in Paris at the time.