Letter to Inessa Armand, July 7, 1916

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Dear Friend,

Nadya’s passports[1] are no good at all. (Her health is poor; the weather’s bad, we can’t go to the mountains.) You ask my advice about Graber. In my opinion, no arrangements should be made with him (after the way he let us down in 1915[2]) either about the composition of the Editorial Board or obligatory publication of our articles, as this would mean disgracing ourselves by acting a comedy. Without long, many-months experience at contributions (yours or Abramovich’s or both—regularly, one or another occasionally) I don’t think any serious agreement is worth talking about. We must look 10 times now “before we leap”.

The letters to the prisoners of war concerning the questionnaire did not reach them. I wrote to Malinovsky once, suggesting a simple programme: place of residence; trade; occupation; age; attitude to the war, and so on. I got no reply. Obviously the censors don’t let it through! Best regards to Popov from me and Nadya. Will you be able to send him dried crusts, etc., direct or through somebody?

All the best!


  1. This refers to travel documents which Krupskaya had obtained for Armand, who was planning to go to Norway.—Ed.
  2. At the beginning of the war Graber adopted an internationalist stand and attended the Zimmerwald and Kienthal conferences, yet when Vandervelde arrived in Switzerland in 1915 to campaign for the re-establishment of the Second International, Graber delivered a message of greetings to him on behalf of the Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland.