Letter to Inessa Armand, January 26, 1914

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Dear Friend,

I was terribly glad to receive your nice, friendly, warm, charming letter. I am inexpressibly grateful to you for it.

Things here have gone worse. One has already deserted to the conciliators—so now we have no majority, and the conciliators will have it all their own rotten way.

I am leaving here on Tuesday or Wednesday next and will soon (except for a lecture in Leipzig) be in Cracow.

They write me from there that things are in a bad way with Pravda—there’s no money. The circulation has dropped. A deficit. Bad job.

My new address: Oulianoff, rue Souveraine. 18.

(Ixelles) Bruxelles.

From the enclosed letter to Nik. Vas. you will find an answer to your question whether I am angry on account of the unsuccessful lecture. I should think I am! That idiot Antonov!! And the inability apart from him to arrange practical matters.

I received the express mail and have handed everything to Malinovsky. He is here and will stay another 2–3 days.

Take care of the kopeks in the COA and don’t allow Antonov to indulge his harebrained schemes.

My very, very, very best regards, my dear friend. Excuse the haste and brevity. I have no time.

Yours, V.U.

The bulletin is the most important job of all. I beg you to keep an eye on it yourself or get it going without Antonov.