Letter to Inessa Armand, January 21, 1916

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Dear Friend,

Only today did we receive your long letter: which was most welcome. This is my fourth letter to you: all the first three postcards were poste restante. If you haven’t received them, then they either go astray or else there are special rules (or misrules) in regard to poste restante mail. Trotsky has written to our young Polish friend that he is not going to write for the Dutch journal[1] himself and cannot advise his friends of the nation among whom he is living to do so. It looks like there is no avoiding a fight with Trotsky even on this question!!

We received a postcard today from your brother.[2] It is good to know that he has received something (either a letter or a No. of our newspaper for the end of March) and writes about “sympathy”. There is more sympathy, he says, in his part of the world than he expected.

By the way, I nearly forgot (I am in a great hurry to get this off by the next train). If there are special misrules regarding poste restante mail, maybe that is the reason why I do not receive any letters (I have not had a single one from you), though you do write? Let me know at once: if you underline the date twice, it will mean that you do receive my letters and write to me. Write to the same ad dress at which we received your long letter.

All the very best,



Why didn’t you give your address before???

  1. Vorbote.—Ed.
  2. Meaning L. B. Kamenev, the word “brother” being used for reasons of secrecy.—Ed.