Letter to Inessa Armand, April 24, 1914

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Dear Friend,

I enclose Lola’s letter.[1] Return it at once after reading it. (He is obviously twisting, but all the same we shall make a small step forward through him. I beg you very much, if you go to Zurich, do your utmost to see the Ukrainian Social-Democrats, ascertain their attitude on the question of a separate national-Ukrainian Social-Democratic organisation, and try and organise even a little group of anti-separatists.)

If Nik. Vas. has not yet been at our printing-press, let him ask them:

1) to stick both leaflets on paper with the printed heading of the press;

2) to write out in German (or, if they don’t know the language, then in French) an exact estimate of the cost of (α) setting, (β) the same paper 5,000+1,000, (γ) printing and everything else.

As regards an intensive effort to discover contacts (in order to prepare for “the important affair”[2])—and especially for correspondence—both in Paris and in Switzerland, I hope you will do your best.



P.S. Would it not be possible before your departure to concentrate all our books (and those which Kamsky has from Orlovsky’s library) with Nik. Vas., and make him swear an oath not to allow them to be plundered. If brother[3] has written about his books, do the same with them. From this library (Orlovsky’s, Kamsky has it) please get, or have procured, the Minutes of the Second Congress of the RSDLP, and send them to me as quickly as possible.

One more thing s. v. pl.:

It is essential to republish the Party Programme and Rules (with the changes of January 1912).[4] Please let the Committee of Organisations Abroad have them set up (after ascertaining the exact cost) and send us the page proof: we shall say then how many should be printed.

[“Programme and Rules of the RSDLP”]

Is there in Paris No. 11 of Sotsial-Demokrat (February or March 1910)? If there is, send us all the copies.

  1. Lenin sent Inessa Armand 0. Lola’s (Stepanyuk’s) letter of April 22 (N.S.), 1914, in which Lola wrote that he was entirely in agreement with the “Appeal to the Ukrainian Workers”, but that it should be printed on behalf of the Pravda editorial board and not over his signature.
  2. The “important affair” was the preparation for the next Party Congress which was to be held in accordance with the decision of the “August” (sometimes called “Summer”) 1913 Conference of the CC of the RSDLP and Party workers. The outbreak of the First World War prevented this.
  3. This word was written by Lenin in English.—Ed.
  4. The Programme and Rules of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party, with amendments to the Rules made by the Sixth (Prague) All-Russia Conference of the RSDLP of 1912, were published by the CC of the RSDLP in Paris in 1914.