Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, Between September 26 and October 5, 1915

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This letter is a postscript to Krupskaya’s letter.—Ed.

I am sending you Grimm’s letter[1] and my draft reply.

We must do our best and assert ourselves.

With the CO it’s the devil to pay. 75 thousand ems of copy have been sent (altogether 84 3/4) and I have forgotten the declaration of the French+Germans.[2]

This will fill it up.

I suggest devoting this No. solely to the conference (and the next one to Russia).

Among the printed supplements to Zhizn only the translation of Bulletin No. 1. “Nashe Slovoall blank.[3]

Best regards, Lenin

I have answered Bukharin at length.

N.B. ||

More detailed letters should be sent to him and more often.

If you agree with the answer to Grimm, send it to Shklovsky who is to call on Radek and translate it with him. If you do not agree, return it.

We are going to Berne on Sunday or Monday.

I am sending the letter from the Japanese. Return it. What is to be done about the meeting of the Editorial Board? (It would be good to have 2 articles about the conference in No. 3 of Kommunist.)

  1. In this letter Grimm proposed on behalf of the I.S.C. that an enlarged I.S.C. should be set up and asked to be notified by whom the CC of the RSDLP would be represented on it. For Lenin’s reply see present edition, Vol. 21, pp. 372–77.
  2. This refers to the Joint Declaration of the French and German Delegations at the International Socialist Conference in Zimmerwald, published in Sotsial-Demokrat No. 45–46 for October 11, 1915.
  3. This refers to the materials of the Zimmerwald Conference. The newspaper Zhizn No. 15 for September 26, 1915, reprinted the conference materials from No. 1 of the I.S.C. Bulletin. In the news paper Nashe Slovo No. 200 for September 25, 1915, all the materials concerning the conference were deleted by the censor.