Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, Between February 27 and March 4, 1915

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In my opinion § 3 is no good.[1] I think it would be better instead to tell in a popular manner how the CO can be helped by contributions (emphasise that it has no assistance in the way of contributions) and prepared for still more frequent issue.

We must leave our hands untied in regard to the Baugy group[2] and leave ourselves a slight chance for reconciliation with them. In this form it is harmless and left entirely to our discretion.

More frequent issue (right down to a daily)”—isn’t that enough?

We shall say the one and the other: daily issue or even a parallel one.

“Parallelism” is downright harmful: it means helping them to win a sister away from us.

  1. The reference is to Point 3 of the draft resolution “The CO and the New Newspaper” discussed at the Conference of the RSDLP Sections Abroad held in Berne from February 27 to March 4, 1915.
  2. The Baugy group—N. I. Bukharin, Yelena Rozmirovich and N. V. Krylenko. The group received its name from the town of Baugy (Switzerland), where it was located.—Ed.