Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, Before July 16, 1914

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Hanecki has put an “ultimatum”: give us 250 kronen, otherwise we don’t go to Brussels. We are not sending them!

I am absolutely against it. It will be even better if they[1] don’t go. Let Tyszka “make peace” with the P.S.P.—but we are waiting for a reply from the opposition.


Take Hanecki a negative reply!

  1. J. Hanecki and A. Malecki—delegates to the Brussels “Unity” Conference from the opposition of the Polish Social-Democratic Party (Rozlamists). One of the issues between the Chief Executive of the Polish Social-Democratic Party, of which Tyszka was a member, and the opposition was the attitude to the liquidators and the P.S.P. Lenin censured the policies of the Chief Executive and sympathised with the opposition.