Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, August 30 or 31, 1915

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Answer Meshcheryakov.

I advise getting Shklovsky to tackle Grimm (either if he is going 1.IX) or by telephone. We must get a reply from Grimm.

You to write the report (on Russia)[1] (if need be I will send you Rech).

I believe a resolution will suffice (we have a draft: “condensed”. It can be corrected). Why make a declaration? If we find a common language with Radek, we can write it there. If not, and if we are on our own, then what need is there for a declaration, who is it for?

My regards to everybody,



  1. This refers to the Report on the Activities of the CC, RSDLP During the War made to the First International Socialist Conference. The report was written by Zinoviev, edited by Lenin and published in No. 2 of the I.S.C. Bulletin for November 27, 1915.