Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, After June 24, 1915

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Dear Friend,

I am sending Neue Zeit.

I have read Izvestia. Lovely! Especially that about Nashe Slovo.[1] The CO is essential now.

Write me about the plan of distribution of subjects. I should like to take that on “defeat” and on the alliance of Potresov+OC+Chkheidze vs. Nashe Slovo.

As regards “egoism” you are guilty of ... a slight misstatement. You sent me what you had. But I had nothing!! I sent you all the latest titles, but you haven’t sent me a single one up till now.

I have received No. 2 of Nashe Dyelo.[2] I shall send it to you when finished with.

What’s this about Radek’s article? Isn’t he cheating? We are negotiating with Alexander. What about you?

Everybody (and not only the ladies) will be extremely grateful for the cherries. Why are you silent about coming out here to climb the Rothorn?

All the best. Salut!

N. Lenin

  1. This refers to the article “Demagogy and Cleavage” published in No. 2 of Bulletin of the RSDLP Organising Committee Secretariat Abroad for June 14, 1915.
  2. Nashe Dyelo (Our Cause)—a monthly organ of the Menshevik liquidators, began to appear in January 1915 in lieu of the journal Nashe Zarya which was closed down in October 1914. Nasha Dyelo was the mouth piece of the social-chauvinists in Russia.
    No. 2 of the journal figures largely in Lenin’s article “Under a False Flag” (see present edition, Vol. 24, pp. 435–57).