Letter to Grigori Zinoviev, After July 23, 1915

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I am sending you Wijnkoop.

Return immediately. What are we to do with them? They are obviously hedging. It’s not worth scolding them—better keep silent, I think?

I am sending Kollontai. Return. There’s a sensible woman for you!

I am sending you an article on the United States. It needn’t be returned. If you don’t agree, telephone (yourself or through Zina or Shklovsky) immediately.

Do you remember Koba’s name?



N.B. Send Voprosy Strakhovaniya containing a review of Maslov.[1]

  1. The review of P. Maslov’s book Economic Causes of the World War was published in the journal Voprosy Strakhovaniya No. 5 for July 10, 1915, over the signature of “Y. Rus”.