Letter to Grigori Alexinsky, Between January 7 and February 2, 1908

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 7 January 1908

Written between January 7 and February 2, 1908
Published: First published in 1930 in Lenin Miscellany XIII. Sent from Geneva to Vienna. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1971, Moscow, Volume 36, page 158

Dear Pyotr,

I have the following request. I have written a big work on the subject of the agrarian programme, in which, among other things, I deal in detail with the debate in the Second Duma.[1] I lack some of the documents introduced in the Second Duma.

More precisely: Muskenko introduced a draft of the 104 or 105, not the “well-known” Trudovik[2] draft of the First Duma, which was repeated in the Second as well, but the new, S.R. draft.[3] It was reprinted in French in Rapport du parti S.R. au congrès de Stuttgart. Do you happen to have the Russian text? Can you get it? I will be very much obliged if you can help.

Has it appeared in a separate edition? Where and when?


V. Ulyanov

  1. A reference to Lenin’s Agrarian Programme of Social-Democracy in the First Russian Revolution, 1905–1907 (see present edition, Vol. 13, pp. 217–431).
  2. Trudoviks—petty-bourgeois democrats in the Dumas, mainly peasants and intellectuals of the Narodnik stripe. Their group was organised in April 1906 by the peasant deputies of the First Duma, who wavered between the Cadets and the Social-Democrats.
    During the First World War most of the Trudoviks took a social-chauvinist stand.
  3. The Land Bill of 104 Duma deputies was motioned by I. N. Mushenko, a member of the Agrarian Commission of the Second Duma who was the official rapporteur of the Socialist– Revolutionary group.