Letter to G. D. Tsiurupa, May 31, 1921

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 31 March 1921

First published in 1932 in Lenin Miscellany XX. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1976, Moscow, Volume 45, pages 168b-169a.

Comrade Tsyurupa, Deputy Chairman, P.W.C.[1]

Copies: Comrade Sapronov, Chairman, P.W.C.

Comrade Bogdanov, Chairman, SEC

Please inform me, in a few very brief lines, whether you have given exact directives concerning the urgent completion of the Kashira project (according to the Politbureau decision),[2] and when. To whom specifically?

Who is personally responsible on the spot for the timely fulfilment of this?

Is there any need of a special reminder from the centre or special measures to have this scrupulously done?

(I have personally seen the “gibbet” posts along the Kashira Highway already being toppled to the ground. This is a bad job. Might this not be the cause of some fatal cases?[3])

V. Ulyanov (Lenin)

Chairman, CLD

  1. Public Works Committee.—Ed.
  2. A reference to the decision taken by the Politbureau of the RCP(b) Central Committee on May 10, 1921, to have the Kashira Electric-Power Station completed by the autumn of that year.
    It was started in February 1919. On April 14, 1919, the Council of Labour and Defence designated the construction as “work for the country’s defence and of exceptional importance for the defence of the rear”.
    Lenin attached great importance to the Kashira Electric-Power Station, and gave constant attention to the progress of building operations, taking a direct part in solving all the problems, keeping a check on the supply of the site with the necessary materials, manpower and equipment (see this volume, Document 220).
  3. A reference to the posts for the electric transmission line to run between Kashira and Moscow. V. A. Smolyaninov wrote in his reminiscences that after Lenin’s note to G. D. Tsyurupa, the necessary precautionary measures were taken.