Letter to Ferdinand Freiligrath, December 27, 1851

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December 27, 1851[edit source]

Moorish Prince,

Enclosed is a letter from Ebner.

Today I also received another letter from Weydemeyer. Among other things he writes:

“A few days ago a delegate arrived from the London Agitation Union to oppose the Kinkel loans. These people probably imagine that here in America, everybody is split into pro-Kinkel and anti-Kinkel factions, because a handful of fugitives have made much ado about nothing. The Kossuth sensation long ago made Kinkel a forgotten man and the few thousand dollars which he collects are not in fact worth all the fuss.

“I can in any case look after the sale of the Revue for you here. A few more of Freiligrath’s new poems could also be accommodated here.”

After W[eydemeyer] has given us another push he writes:

“But first and foremost a Freiligrath poem: that is the greatest attraction.”

Take this to heart and concoct a New Year song to the New World. Under the present circumstances I believe it is really easier to write in verse than in prose, be it heavy or light-hearted. Incidentally, if you ever attempt to turn the humour that is peculiar to your African majesty in private life into artistic form, I am certain you would play a role in this genre too, for, as your wife has rightly noted, you are a sly one underneath.