Letter to Béla Kun, End of July, 1919

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Written in reply to a communication from Bela Kun about the serious situation of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, against which an armed intervention had been started, and to his request for urgent aid from Soviet Russia.

Dear Comrade Bela Kun,

Please do not worry too much and do not give way to despair. Your accusations or suspicions against Chicherin and Rakovsky have absolutely no foundation whatever. We are all working in full accord. We are aware of Hungary’s grave and dangerous situation and are doing all we can. But speedy assistance is sometimes physically impossible. Try to hold out as long as you can. Every week is of value. Build up supplies in Budapest, fortify the city. I hope you are adopting the measures I recommended to the Bavarians.[1] Warmest greetings and a firm handshake. Hold on with all your might, victory will be ours.



  1. See “Message of Greetings to the Bavarian Soviet Republic” (present edition, Vol. 29, pp. 325–26).—Ed.