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Note from MECW vol. 24 :

On March 19, 1881 Johann Most's newspaper Freiheit (No. 12) carried his article "Endlich!" devoted to the assassination of Alexander II, and a report entitled "England" about the attempt to explode the Lord Mayor's mansion in the London City. These publications were used as a pretext for Most's arrest by the British authorities on March 30; in June he was sentenced to 16 months' imprisonment.

While criticising Most's anarchist views and his pseudo-revolutionary phraseology (see Marx's letter to Friedrich Adolph Sorge of September 19, 1879, present edition, Vol. 45), Marx and Engels still believed it necessary to rise to his defence. Most's case was used by Bismarck during the debates on socialists in the German Reichstag on March 30 and 31, 1881.

This letter was written in Engels' handwriting and signed by both Marx and Engels when it appeared in The Daily News.