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Draft Decision for the CPC on Stocks of CommoditiesLeninMar 1920
Draft Decision for the Council of Defence on Regulating Relations Between the Vecheka, the Railway Cheka and the Commissariat for Railways and a Letter to the Members of the Council of DefenceLeninFeb 1919
Letter to Nikolai Gorbunov, September 3, 1921LeninSep 1921
Letter to the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs and The All-Russia Extraordinary Commission, April 22, 1921LeninApr 1921
Note To F. E. Dzerzhinsky With A Draft of A Decree On Fighting Counter-Revolutionaries And SaboteursLeninDec 1917
Note on the Invoice of the Supplies Department of the Moscow Extraordinary Commission, July 19, 1919LeninJul 1919
Proposals Concerning the Work of the VechekaLeninDec 1918
Re Transport Department of VechekaLeninJan 1920
Report On The Work Of The All-Russia Central Executive Committee And The Council Of People’s Commissars Delivered At The First Session Of The All-Russia Central Executive Committee, Seventh ConvocationLeninFeb 1920
Rough Draft of a Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on the VechekaLeninDec 1921
Speech At A Rally And Concert For The All-Russia Extraordinary Commission StaffLeninNov 1918
Speech at the Fourth Conference of Gubernia Extraordinary CommissionsLeninFeb 1920
Telegram to all Timber Committees and Gubernia Cheka, October 13, 1921LeninOct 1921
Telegram to the Chairman of the Nizhni-Novgorod Cheka, February 5, 1920LeninFeb 1920
Telegram to the Kursk Extraordinary Commission, January 6, 1919LeninJan 1919
Telephone Message To The All-Russia Extraordinary CommissionLeninApr 1919